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Learning about water efficiency has never been so much fun!

See lesson below!

Grade Levels:
K-2nd  &  3-6th

Observe, record, and identify water efficiency (water savings) and water conservation opportunities within our own homes and landscapes.


  1. Computer with Youtube Access to view Water Saver Episode 1 
  2. Water Saver Episode 1 Quiz (PDF, printed, or Google Docs Form) and Activities
                  –Grades K-2nd
                  –Grades 3rd-6th
                  –Which Earth Hero Are You Activity
                  –Water Saver coloring page
                  –Water Supply poster 
  3. Crayons, color pencils and/or markers


Lesson Procedures

  1. Water Saver Episode 1 Students can individually watch a short, fun video introducing the various ways to save water with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ (MSP) and her Earth Hero, Water Saver! The video can be on Ms. Smarty-Plants™ YouTube  page. If your group has scheduled a virtual visit with Ms. Smarty-Plants™, they should watch the video prior to her popping in to your class call.
  2. Assessment following the Ms. Smarty-Plants™ Water Saver video Students can take a fun, short quiz which will capture the level of information retained . We offer a lower grade fun quiz (K-2nd) and an upper grade fun quiz (3rd-6th).
  3. Staying positive & making a difference! We want to encourage each student to create their own Earth Hero moment, (see document “Which Earth Hero are You?”), so they can be shared with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ and the school’s water district.


Download Full Lesson Plan Here


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