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Kindness Bingo Can Bring Joy to Your Home!


Play Ms. Smarty-Plants™ Kindness Bingo and bring a lot of joy and fun into your home!  Acts of generosity and kindness are the best ways to pick ourselves up. Have fun playing with your household, and share as an extended family game with your cousins, neighbors and friends! Let us see you in action.

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Kindness Bingo








Learning about water efficiency has never been so much fun!

See lesson below!

Grade Levels:
K-2nd  &  3-6th

Observe, record, and identify water efficiency (water savings) and water conservation opportunities within our own homes and landscapes.


  1. Computer with Youtube Access to view Water Saver Episode 1 
  2. Water Saver Episode 1 Quiz (PDF, printed, or Google Docs Form) and Activities
                  –Grades K-2nd
                  –Grades 3rd-6th
                  –Which Earth Hero Are You Activity
                  –Water Saver coloring page
                  –Water Supply poster 
  3. Crayons, color pencils and/or markers


Lesson Procedures

  1. Water Saver Episode 1 Students can individually watch a short, fun video introducing the various ways to save water with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ (MSP) and her Earth Hero, Water Saver! The video can be on Ms. Smarty-Plants™ YouTube  page. If your group has scheduled a virtual visit with Ms. Smarty-Plants™, they should watch the video prior to her popping in to your class call.
  2. Assessment following the Ms. Smarty-Plants™ Water Saver video Students can take a fun, short quiz which will capture the level of information retained . We offer a lower grade fun quiz (K-2nd) and an upper grade fun quiz (3rd-6th).
  3. Staying positive & making a difference! We want to encourage each student to create their own Earth Hero moment, (see document “Which Earth Hero are You?”), so they can be shared with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ and the school’s water district.


Download Full Lesson Plan Here


Please share your Earth Hero moment with us!  You can email your photos and stories to MsSmartyplants1@gmail.com

You can also share your Earth Hero moments on social media!

facebook: @MsSmartyPlants | instagram: @Ms.SmartyPlants

twitter: @MsSmartyP | youtube: Ms. Smarty Plants










Help bring our education programs online!

Learning, Laughter and Fun



About the Campaign

We are taking our award-winning education programs online – but we need your help. More than 6 million children across California cannot go to school. The Water Conservation Garden Emergency Fund will ensure our education programs can continue during this crisis. With schools, offices and public gardens closing around the country, the need to provide fun, enriching, life-changing programs has never been as important as it is today. In times of crisis, we have to keep the good going. We urgently ask you to support our education programs during these uncertain times. Start a fundraiser to transform children to be happier, healthier and more connected to their environment.


Create a Team!


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For more information about school programs email mssmartyplants@thegarden.org













College Internships


Our award-winning Education Department works directly with each intern, starting with a short interview so students can grow their skills and be successful in future job seeking. Onsite training is enjoyable and easy to follow against a beautiful garden backdrop.


Interships Available for 2019/2020 School Year:

Nature Tour Guide/Teaching Assistant: Ms. Smarty-Plants™ programs for grades Kinder – 8th has lots of hands-on learning for children along with fun outdoor science exploration.  Interns will lead students on a tour through the garden and share with them the importance of conservation and nature. (must be avail. 1-2 weekdays 8:30am – 12:30pm)

Assembly Assistant– Assist Ms. Smarty-Plants™ at elementary school assemblies, which are performed at the school site.  There are usually two assemblies per day: a lower grade assembly that covers water conservation, parts of the plant, seed dispersal, and water usage, and an upper grade assembly that covers climate change, emissions, fossil fuels, water conservation, and how to be good Earth Steward.

Adult Education Assistant: Attend community classes for adults that range from topics in gardening, sustainability, and art. Assist with registration and hosting while gaining great information from experts in their field. (must be avail. select Saturdays)


For the Nature Tour Guide or Assembly Assistant internship, fill out the application above and email to Lauren@thegarden.org.

For the Adult Education Assistant fill out the application above and email to Jillian@thegarden.org









Celebrating 10 years of Ms. Smarty-Plants™ Magic!   




“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.”

Mr. Rogers.

When Pam Meisner graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, she took an internship with Mr. Rogers. This experience shaped her style as an educator who puts love and passion first, teaching children in the way they learn best.  Ms. Smarty-Plants ™ bloomed from this love of education, fun and nature.  For many years….TEN YEARS to be exactMs. Smarty-Plants™ has inspired hundreds of thousands of Earth Heroes through out Southern California!  86,019 in 2017 alone!

She will continue to make conservation count by inspiring one Earth Hero at a time.  So come visit her at The Water Conservation Garden and tell her how you are saving the Earth!

Schedule a field trip or assembly and become and Earth Hero!


For more information contact mssmartyplantsw@thegarden.org or 619-660-0614 ext 16.

The Water Conservation Garden is open 7 days a week, 9am-4pm.