"Message to my Earth Heroes,
I am so proud of you!"
"We Can Change The World,
With Our Own Two Hands"
"We Can Change The World,
With Our Own Two Hands"
Online Water Saver Lesson Available Now! Learn More “We need more programs like Ms. Smarty-PlantsTM that inspire and teach students about our world in a positive, upbeat manner.” - Principal Rosemary Cruz
Cubberly Elementary School rendezvous
“Ms. Smarty-PlantsTM She impressed them with her tricks, made them laugh, critically think, pledge to be better earth heroes, and made a lasting impression." - Jamie Malchak- 4th Grade Teacher
Danbrook Elementary
“Wonderful! Kept the kids on task and engaged! The kids will be talking about this field trip for the rest of the year.” – Mrs. Fortin – 1st Grade – Rancho San Diego “Love this program! We hope that it is offered every year so that we can nurture/teach more Earth Heroes” – Ms. Blakely- 4th Grade - Chula Vista Hills Elementary “I’ve been teaching 25 years and this was the best field trip! Awesome staff! Beautiful!” – Sally Saltzstein 3rd Grade Teacher
Vista Grande Elementary
“ Thank you for making learning so much fun in such a unique way. I’ve had many parents tell me they’ve had to shorten their showers because their children are making them!” - Staff and Children at Las Palmas Elementary

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